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Our Goal: To Reach over 19,000 Teenagers in the Toughest Years of their Lives with a Message of Hope


Our Method: Recruiting, Training, and Developing Volunteer Leaders to Form Long-Lasting Relationships

1. Recuit

The staff are constantly looking for high potential Christian volunteers who have the potential to walk along-side teenagers in an in-depth relationship.

2. Train

All volunteers go through a refined training process. Depending on the experience of the volunteer this is normally six weeks to one year. Many of our college aged leaders receive one year of training and development as Christian leaders.

3. Develop

Just as we ask the volunteers to mentor teenagers through in-depth relationships, the staff and experienced volunteers do the same for the volunteers. Our volunteers have a constant stream of encouragement, re-training, mentoring, and celebration through their work.

4. Mentor

During this stage our volunteers do the work of Young Life. Our minimum commitment is two years, though most of our leaders spend at least five years mentoring and leading students.

5. Give Back

This process is cyclical since many of our volunteers were teenagers who they themselves were impacted by the work of Young Life. Over 80% of our volunteers are home-grown leaders, making our mission truely a grassroots, sustainable organization that has been in our community for over four decades.

Our Resources: Adult Volunteers, Community Support, Fundraising Effors

1. Volunteer Leaders

This is our front-line team. These volunteers form a team for each junior high or high school. They volunteer hundreds of hours each year to give teenagers hope.

2. Community Support

This is our behind-the-scenes team. These adults are typically community leaders who help guide leadership, organizational and financial decisions while overseeing the local paid staff.

3. Fundraising

To support the staff, training and development of volunteers, and often the needs of the teenagers themselves, finances are raised. These come as monthly donations, one-time gifts, and fundraising events such as the PV Masters Golf Tournament in co-operation with Bar-S Foods / SIGMA.

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