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Born Again

Born Again: The Evangelical Theology of Conversion in John Wesley and George Whitefield (Studies in Historical and Systematic Theology)

The Christian life is a life of growth.

The gospel message is simple but not simplistic. Learning the gospel and its implications is a lifelong process, but modern evangelicals are often too focused on the moment of conversion while ignoring the ongoing work of sanctification. For John Wesley and George Whitefield, justification and sanctification were inseparable.+

“McGever’s patient analysis of the two leading preachers of conversion… is especially helpful at showing the broad common ground they shared”
Fred Sander’s review

In Born Again, Sean McGever maps Wesley’s and Whitefield’s theologies of conversion, reclaiming the connection between justification and sanctification. This study helps evangelicals reassess their thin understanding of conversion, leading to a rich and full picture of the ongoing work new Christians face.

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